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scritto da SilentSniper 24.08.2013 - 14:30-

With Black Ops 2, Treyarch introduced a new playlist called League Play to further support eSports. In League Play, players who prefer to play competitive were able to play against other competitive players. There were a number of different playlists within League Play, such as the Champions Series, the Moshpit Series, and the Team Deathmatch series. The latter two had less restrictions and was purely 6v6, while the former was very similar to what pro players would play at major events. Players were able to move up a ladder and advance divisions, and each season, which lasted a month, would allow the settings to change based on feedback and what’s happening in the competitive circuit.

In an interview with Outside Xbox, executive producer Mark Rubin confirmed that League Play won’t be returning. Instead, it will be replaced by the new ‘Clan vs Clan’ playlist.

To join a Clan vs Clan match, you need to be with your clan in a party where you will then be matchmaked against another clan. There will be a leaderboard which will show who the top clan in the world is.

Another addition is Clan Wars. With Clan Wars, your clan will be matchmaked against other clans based on your skill. You will enter a two-week competition with seven other clans. On the Clan Wars map there are a number of locations and each one is associated with a game mode and a win condition. So for example, you may need to get 25 wins in Domination or maybe even 50. You will be competing against other clans and the first that reaches the aim (such as 25 wins) gets control of that location. That location is then contested by everybody and all of the other clans will be eating away at your score. You can try to keep up your score but it will be difficult due to the fact all of the clans’ points count against your one clan’s points. If you hold that location, then you can get bonuses, one of which Rubin says could “potentially” be XP bonuses.

It’s intended for both Clan vs Clan and Clan Wars to be used to determine who qualifies for future eSports events such as the Call of Duty Championship


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